How to Start a Blog in 9 Simple Steps (Beginners Guide)

How to Start a Blog in 9 Simple Steps (Beginners Guide)

How to Start a Blog in 9 Simple Steps – Starting a blog was a big dream I had, and always wanted to actualize. But the issue then was that I didn’t know where to start.

As a beginner, without any idea how to start a blog, it could be so complicated. Why say so? Because I had the same experience. Back then I used to hear people saying that, before you can start a blog, you must know how to code, which actually was my main obstacle.

I became so worried about the fact that I did not know how to use HTML or whatsoever to code, so bad, I had not enough money to pay a web developer for the job.

How to Start a Blog as I Did without Any Technical Knowledge.

How to Start a Blog in 9 Simple Steps (Beginners Guide)

Ok, I’d like to learn how to code, it’s worthwhile. But on second thought, can’t I start a blog without having to code?

My desire to own a blog is what propelled me to go deep into studying the nitty-gritty of starting a blog without any technical knowledge of coding or whatsoever.

In this article, I will be more open-minded, guiding you through all the steps I took to start my blog. The information provided here is purely written from my experience.

I like to share this because I believe you also would want to start a blog, but because of how difficult and complex you see it be, it hindered you.

Now the tide has changed, starting a blog is no more a hard-to-do. All you have to do to start your blog is get a chair, sit comfortably and follow the guide below;

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a little commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Now, let’s get started.

1. Choose Your Niche: What do you want to blog about?

Choosing a niche is crucial, your first step to start a blog. Are you interested in entertainment, like music, sports? You can start an entertainment website.

Or, do you like keeping up with the latest tech trends? You can start a Technology website, to make it more fashionable, a tech site. You can start a blog and earn from your passion.

A niche is simply your area of interest. You wouldn’t want to talk about sport, and technology at the same time. So, having a niche guarantees you to position yourself as a professional and talk to a particular set of audience.

Some niche example includes Business, Technology, School, Entertainment, Finance, Automobile, Sports, Health, etc.

The niche you select must be something you are so much interested in, if you are not passionate about the niche you choose, you wouldn’t be focused, and you would be more willing to be discouraged. I did so well to choose my niche of which I have a passion for it.

2. Pick your Domain Name: What would you like to name your Blog?

You wouldn’t want to have a website without a name, of course, that is not possible. So, you must have to pick a domain name for your blog.

A domain name is any name given to a website on the internet. It is your unique address on the internet, for example, you type into your browser to visit the website, that’s the website’s domain name. A domain name is followed by either a TLD or ccTLD.

TLD means top-level domain, such as .com, .net, .org. These domains are poised to target a global audience, that is, all over the world. Most websites on the internet make use of .com and it is the most preferred.

CcTLDs, these are country code top level domains, such as,,, These domains target specific countries. Although they can still be accessed anywhere in the world.  For example, the domain targets Nigeria, targets United Kingdom,, Singapore.

You can choose any of those, it all depends on your target audience, you want to go worldwide, and I suggest you choose the TLDs, or you are targeting the audience in your geographic location, you can go with the CcTLDs, but you can still use the TLDs for this.

Now, what would you like to name your website? You may decide to name it after your name, like my name Samuel Umo, I can use, or you can choose any name that you find suitable to use.

For those whose first choice of the domain name is not available or has been taken by some other user. Do not panic, there are thousands of names out there to choose from that are yet to be noticed. Think smart, you will come to find a better alternative.

How to Register Your Domain Name.

For your website to be visible on the internet, you must purchase a domain name and register it. There are a couple of domain name registrars to choose from. But most users will go for Bluehost. I also recommend Bluehost.

They provide affordable web hosting, a free domain name for the first year of your web hosting and a couple of spectacular features to help you get started smoothly.

3. Find a Reliable Hosting Provider: Where do you want to host your blog?

To make your website accessible to other people on the internet, you need a Host. Your web host serves as a shelter to your website. It stores your website files and database, it makes sure your site is safe and secure that it can be easily accessed when people click on your link or type your URL.

Finding a reliable hosting provider is one thing that really matters. There are hundreds, if not thousands of web hosting services out there to choose from, but what you should be looking for in all of them is;

Speed, Security, Storage, Performance, and Real-time Support. These are important features to consider when choosing a web hosting service. There are many out there, but few are chosen.

Bluehost is one web hosting service, I’ve found worthy of this, yes, I know very well that I have mentioned them several times in this article, and it is for a good reason.

4. Choose a versatile Content Management system (CMS): Which Blogging Platform do you want to use?

Before I proceed, allow me to be more sincere to you. There are two compulsory questions to answer here that are really important. First, do you want to start a blog, just to own a blog? And secondly, do you want to start a blog, and make money or simply earn a living from blogging?

The answers to these very questions are really important to you. Why? Because they will help you understand why you need to follow these steps, as I have given you.

Before I started my blog I had to understand, why I want to start blogging, I asked myself these questions as I have asked you. And thankfully, I was at my best.

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Now, without wasting much of your time, let’s understand what a Content Management system (CMS) is?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform that allows you to design your blog, write, edit, and publish your blog posts. Choosing a versatile content management system is one thing that really matters.

There are several blogging platforms available to choose from, some of which include,,,,, Wix, Squarespace, Medium, etc.

Like I said earlier, you should understand why you need to start a blog. Knowing the right answer to this question will guide you through in all your steps to start a blog, and choosing the right blogging platform is one of these steps.

There are basically two major blogging platforms to start a blog;

1. Hosted platforms

2. Self-hosted Platforms

Hosted blogging platforms: These are platforms owned by companies (like,,, Wix, Squarespace, medium, etc.), that provide simple proprietary software to build your blog, and storage to save your website files.

With Hosted platforms you don’t have control of your blog, your blog is managed by a third party, and you are limited in some functionalities as regards building your blog to standard, which may, in turn, affect you, if you plan to monetize your blog later on.

Self-hosted platforms: These are platforms (like, that allows you superior accessibility to functionalities and absolute control over your website. With self-hosted platforms you can decide your website appearance, that is, how you want your website to look.

You have access to hundreds, if not thousands of plugins that will help you build and design your website to standard. Not enough, you have opportunities to monetize your website freely and without limitations.

Now, after hearing all these, which do you prefer as your blogging platform? It’s a choice to make there. But I suggest you go for the self-hosted platforms, with reasons, as discussed above.

The most popular content management system you likely have heard of is, which is what I use here in And thankfully, it’s a self-hosted platform that promises professionalism. In fact, the latest figures account to 33.6% of the website running on, including TechCrunch, Forbes and many of top popular website all over the world.

How to Install WordPress for your Blog.

There are several means to install WordPress by Bluehost, Softaculous, FTP, LocalHost, etc., but for the purpose of this article, we will use Bluehost.

When you sign up on Bluehost here, you have access to all of their features. One of their unique features is that Bluehost comes with a one-click-installer for WordPress. Here you can install WordPress and set up your website in a few minutes.

Now, how do you install WordPress on Bluehost?

1. Select or choose your preferred hosting package, we recommend the starter package. It offers lots of speed and spectacular performance for your first website. You may decide to change to a more advanced Hosting as your website grows.

2. You will be prompted to choose your domain. Choose your preferred domain here.

3. On the next page that appears, you will be asked to fill your details. Enter your personal information and credit card details there, and make your payment.

4. After making your payment, a green bottom indicating install on cPanel from Bluehost appears, click the bottom to begin the process.

5. Although not necessary, you will be asked if you want your website with or without {www} before the name of your website {like our website,} or simply {}. If you are not able to decide what to use there, you can live it, as it can be easily changed later on.

6. WordPress installation details, like email ID, Username and Password can be set. Read and accept all terms and conditions given under license agreement. Then click install.

7. Once the installation is complete, you will see a clear message at the top stating, “Your installation is complete” And a button showing “View credentials”. Clicking this button will take you where you can find your newly installed WordPress login credentials.

5. Add SSL Certificates to your site: You want your site to be secured?

At first, I started my blog without adding an SSL certificate, but when I came to understand the need for it, I didn’t wait to be told the second time, and that is exactly what you should do if you want your website to remain safe and secured.

Now, if you’re using your personal computer to read this article, take your mouse to the top left corner of your browser search box that is where you will find my website URL.

Right there, you will see that the URL appears as {} and shows a green lock symbol, before it. The most website has their URL starting with https, some with http. The difference between a secured website and the other lies in the https which actually is the secured one. I hope you understand me.

The SSL means “security sockets layer”. It serves to secure your website by adding a special security layer on your website. This is one of the unique features Bluehost offers.

6. Choose a Theme and Design Your Blog: Don’t you like to see your blog beautiful?

The Beauty of your site is one thing that attracts potential visitors to your site. It has a greater impact, growing your website as regards sending traffic, that is, the number of people visiting your site on a regular basis.

Having a good theme can make your site talk of the city. So, you must have to find a good theme for your blog. If you have gone with a self-hosted platform as we suggested, you will have plenty of good themes at disposal, both free and paid.

However paid themes are incredibly great and most of these themes are relatively inexpensive. Like the one, we usually recommend, Mythemeshop. Once you buy a theme, you will own it forever and get all the benefit of great support and customization option that applies to premium WordPress themes.

 Now, how do you install your theme?

  • After downloading your theme, head over to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Appearance, under it submenus, you will see Themes, click on it.
  • There, you will see the “Add New” option, click on it.
  • Select the theme file you just download and click on install.
  • Wait for some minutes for the installation to be complete, then finally click on Activate.

Now your theme is live!!!

7. Add Relevant Pages to your blog: You would like to add new pages to your blog?

Without relevant pages in your blog, visitors will likely not understand what your website offers, so it’s important that you add them. Some of which include the About, Contact and Privacy Policy pages.

So, how do you go about this?

  • Go to your dashboard, you will see Pages, click on it
  • There, you will see the “Add New” page option, click on it as well.
  • Create your new pages there and click publish.

8. Write and Publish Your First Post: You would want to see your first post go live on the internet?

One of the best moments I ever had starting a blog, was to see my first post go live on the internet.

WordPress is designed with great functionalities to simplify the blogging process. Writing and publishing my first blog post wasn’t a hard-to-do at all, because, I became friendly with the interface as I see that, all the tools I needed to get work done were actually in place.

I believe by now, you should have had what to write about and without wasting your time let’s see how you can write and publish your first blog post.

  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on “Add new” post
  • As you clicked, you will be taken to the editing interface.
  • There, you will be able to write and edit your post as you like.
  • Finally, click on publish.

Congratulations, your post is now live!

9. Promote Your Post: You want your post to reach as many people as possible?

At first, I thought that when I publish my post it will be visible to everyone online. But that was a dream I never actualized. So good I published my first post successfully, but why then, I still see 0 views and no comments?

Something must be wrong, ha-ha, so funny. But that was the impression I had. Although it wasn’t really a problem, it could be a problem. Why? Because you need people to see your posts and read them. Most importantly, you need traffic if you would later want to earn from your blog (The more your traffic, the better you earn).

If you are looking to drive traffic to your blog, either to create a strong online presence or build a successful business from your blog, you will need to promote your blog to a greater level.

So, how do you promote your blog posts?

The first and best place to turn to is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, whatever platform you find suitable for your niche is the perfect one for you. And that is an important notice.

How to Make Money from Your Blog

If you still remember, I told you that, before you start a blog, you must know why you want to start a blog. Do you want to start a blog, just to own a blog? Or, do you want to start a blog, and make money blogging or simply earn a living blogging?

Having a good understanding of why you want to start a blog, will allow you the space to make the right decision as you start your blog.

Everybody would want to earn from their passion, with this, I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to start a blog and make money blogging.

Starting a blog was not just a dream for me, it was what I had passion for. And I made it clear to myself at the very beginning that I was not just going to start a blog, but also make money blogging, even earn a living from it.

You can also make this decision, and trust me, you won’t regret it. All it takes is your decision, commitment, patience, and then success at last.

Before we get into, how you can start making money from your blog, let me quickly say this.

Making money blogging is not something you should start thinking immediately, as you just start your blog. Though, having this in mind is essential.

But, before you can start making money from your blog you need to find your readers, start building relationships with them, create a community around your blog and continue to deliver value (as content) before you will be able to build long term income from your blog.

With these bases in place, you are now ready to start trying to make money with your blog, but you should keep in mind that just because you have set up your blog, have contents and have committed readers, the money will not be made automatically. It takes continuous work and experimentation to earn money with your blog.

Now, let’s see how you can make money from your blog.

One of the most common misconceptions bloggers have about blog monetization is that they have to do it in one of a handful of ways. The reality is that there are many ways to earn money through blogging. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best ways to monetize your blog and start earning. 

1. Advertising

Many bloggers start here. In many ways this model of making money from blogs is not different from how magazines or newspapers sell ads. As traffic and brand increase, advertisers will be willing to pay to get exposure to your audience.

Although you need decent traffic for direct collaboration with advertisers, there are ad networks like Google AdSense that serve as brokers and allow smaller publishers to show ads on their blogs. This is where many bloggers start.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Here’s how affiliate marketing works: You get a special tracking link from the company you’re an affiliate for. Then, you place that link within posts on your blog, emails to your blog subscribers, and place it in elsewhere that you can get to your readers.

When someone clicks on that tracking link and completes the purchase, sign in, then you earn either a set fee or a percentage of that sale. You’re getting compensated for referring new customers to your affiliate partners.

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If you have a website related to online marketing, blogs or businesses, there are fortunately many really strong affiliate programs for different services.

I wanted to share some of my favorites so you could get an idea of ​​what an affiliate program entails and start having an idea of ​​what might work on your site.

  • Bluehost – Bluehost is a web hosting company. The most reliable blog hosting provider, used with several websites over the years. Bluehost Web Hosting Affiliate is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs available.
  • AliDropship – AliDropship is an eCommerce plugin designed to simplify the drop shipping process. The AliDropship Affiliate Program is completely free and anyone can sign up. Once signed up, you can start promoting their products and earn legitimate income with minimal efforts.

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3. Selling eBooks and Online Courses.

This is so interesting, you know you can even start from week 1, to make money from your blog. Selling eBooks and online courses is one of the easiest ways to make money blogging.

Once you have acquired a skill, or experience that others also want to learn, it is relatively easy to integrate your best tips, strategies, tactics and tutorials into an online course, where people can pay for access to accelerate their learning much quicker and faster than they would otherwise have done going through the confusing process of learning by trial and error. Incredible!

4. Selling physical products

Platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify, Wix, & Etsy have made it cheaper and easier than ever for anyone to create an online store and sell products online. Selling physical products online can be difficult to set up, as you will have to deal with storage, shipping and even things like local taxes and distance selling laws.

Of course, much of this headache can be solved by finding a company that offers a direct shipping service or white label, like Jumia, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc., which will allow you to only worry about getting traffic and update the website.

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5. Selling digital products

If you do not want the headaches of dealing with product shipping and storage, creating digital products can be a great way to earn money selling products and taking advantage of the scale of your business. Anything, from productivity software, to weaving patterns, recipes or even training courses, can be delivered electronically.

I hope this guide proves immensely to you. Do not hesitate to hire us if you are still confused or the processes seem too tedious/technical.

Do you have any more questions to ask or would you like to make a reasonable contribution that will be useful to our readers? Please talk to us in the comment box below and we would be delighted to welcome your sincere contribution.

If you find that this post is useful enough to start a blog, please do not hesitate to share with your friends using the share buttons below.

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